ZOE ANYON! (Pictured below with her prize)

TV pic


Back in August we set up a competition with Argos for UK readers, where they had to answer the question: What is the best old skool movie you watched recently on TV, and why?


The winner had  a chance to win a Panasonic HD TV worth £330 / $ 533!


Check out Zoe’s winning answer below:


Whatever Happened to Baby Jane – Bette Davies and Joan Crawford – what a pairing! It’s a fabulous black comedy that is very relevant to today’s society as it demonstrates the destructive aspect of fame. Bette Davies – Baby – is the famous child star still seeking celebrity status in her elder years. Joan Crawford’s character, Blanche, is the jealous sister who envies her young sisters success but their roles reverse when Blanche finds fame later on and Baby fades into the background. From there things turn sinister and Blanche is at the mercy of her sister!